È Tutto Qua is open for delivery and pick-up orders
Open from 12-9 pm every day

Call us at 415-989-1002

The History
Italian born owner/executive chef Enzo Pellico travels often to his second home at

Rome's Campo dei Fiori, an area known for its vast outdoor food market and numerous gastronomic establishments tucked away in the side streets. Here he researches culinary trends and recipes. His goal has always been to bring the authentic Italian dining experience to his restaurant in San Francisco. After starting and operating another popular SF restaurant for 12 years, he sold it and spent most of the next 5 years in Italy before returning in 2007 to open È Tutto Qua. The restaurant now has a following of happy return customers who have learned that Italian cuisine is not about too much garlic, spices or gimmicks, but about quality ingredients and purity of flavors prepared with a lot of heart.

The Food

It's all about the food here! The recipes are our own, but we strive to keep our dishes authentically Italian. The day starts early as pastas are made from scratch, with ravioli being cut and filled by hand. Prime cut meats, fresh fish and seafood arrive daily. The Roman style thin crust pizza is made with fresh mozzarella and imported tomatoes from Italy are used for our sauce. We make our Tiramisu & Panna Cotta in house. Only the best quality ingredients are allowed in our kitchens.

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